Do you want to experience a Dubai desert safari?

Really wondering to experience the Dubai safari or not?

Yes, you really need to do! You can either drive or be driven to the land of sands.
People from all over the world come here to experience the dune bashing as a roller
coaster ride or even better when you are driving. While you look at the desert you
can see neverending sheets of the desert and while driving, the dunes are alive
emitting sounds as you pass through them. The flora available there, are usually not
found in your homeland. One can find himself in the middle of nowhere.
These desert safaris are exciting and intriguing, letting you know the local culture as
well as giving you a glimpse of the desert on the very first hand.

Expect the unexpected -
Though the exact reason is still unrevealed, whoever visits Dubai, one of the main
things is to have the desert safari. A desert safari, spending the whole day from
sunrise to sunset, in an ecosystem which is missing in their country land, is a way to
relax. Most people book their safari without knowing what they can expect from it
but be prepared for loads of fun and new experiences.

All day round -
Booking a desert safari is very much easy and hustle free. The booking is made
available from the hotel itself. After driving for a while, you meet up all the cars
coming from all sides and there starts the dune bashing.
After reaching there are a lot of activities which you can enjoy. The day starts with
the sun peeping through the dunes, then the quad biking, hot air balloon ride, the
sand skiing, and the camel trek, ending up the sunset. You can also visit the Dubai
Desert Conservation Reserves where you can take pictures with beautiful rare birds.

The ending -
The best part comes at the end, the Middle eastern barbeque where one can self
serve and feast upon. It too includes traditional dances, world famous belly dancers
presenting their lightning performances.
Most of the desert safaris start early in the morning and finish late in the afternoon,
so when you are done with all your activities and shows, its time to ride back. There
are no such dune bashing or other activities aiding one to relax after the massive
meal one has eaten. Those who want to make their memory eternal can also have
photographs from the professional.It will worth the money as one would like to
cherish the experience for the years to come.

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