How much will a trip to Dubai cost from India?

Traveling around the world could be fun, but the traveling cost should be observed and never be underestimated. The cost of transportation depends on the population of those involved. Remember that individual can go on a trip, it could be a couple, and a family, even extended family. Therefore, assuming an individual from India is going on a trip to Dubai. What about the cost? The Dubai cost per person is heavily determined by the duration of months you have booked the necessary paper for the flight (supposing four months before the day). Another determinant of the cost is either you are on your own, or you go through an agency which offers exclusive benefits, like tours ,Desert safari in Dubai and expensive hotel in Dubai. Furthermore, the day spent is also essential, which will, too, go a long way in defining the cost.

Therefore, supposing you booked a trip as early as four to five months ago. The cost required for booking and the tourist Visa should cost you nothing lesser than INR 14000. Assuming you are all by yourself, the cost of Visa and another necessary fee could double to INR 1000, but note that the validation period won't last a month. To extend your stay assuming you change your mind, or you are planning for your return. Those on the exclusive package that would cover more distances and area with convenience would be spending INR 30,000 towards INR 50,000. Been on yourself could increase the cost significantly, food is costly, so as boarding too. In conclusion, 40,000 would be accurate for you’re To and Fro for a week.

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